@1080pjm *sits back in rocking chair* idk if it counts but back in THE DAY i used to do wolf rps and all this weird furry shit and i was a fuckin player on this furry website once too. so i had a bunch of different accounts and i was a boy on two of them and a girl on two others and i was like 9 but i had mates and stuff IT WAS KINDA CREEPY but i was an International Playboy™

actually i think that’s how i started questioning whether i was straight…………

and i also go through fanfic stages like two years of fic two years of original writing and it alternates. but i had a phase where i was really into warriors which is this cat series and i wrote fics and i roleplayed all the time it was great

and when i was REALLY young i watched a bunch of animal documentaries and then roleplayed as an animal with myself/with my friends or i’d use my stuffed animals as actors and sometimes it got really weird but YA KNOW. but yeah i would be things like a pregnant unicorn and i’d have my friend be a doctor or something but i had to be in COMPLETE control of it. the scenarios and roleplays were all very elaborate and my first experience with a reoccurring thing where i dont Do The Friend Thing happened bc a friend got fed up with how meticulous and analytical i was about it so i was like. fuk ppl. they dont want to follow my orders fuk them then. binch.

same with roleplaying online i was like fuk this and started writing my own shit and i havent rp’d since

but i know the lingo. anthro, fursona, etc… try me breh.

like i got out of the furry/primal/carnal/animalistic thing in that aspect at least (👀) but my track record says



and a huge nerd

and a Player™


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